St. Rocco's Hound Rescue - Jailhouse Rock St. Rocco's Hound Rescue - Jailhouse Rock 163439152 The crowd gathers to see locals arrested! 163439145 Ashley and Rocco "Has anyone paid my bail yet?" 163439144 Is this the life? Vance and Chris enjoy a glass of wine while they await their release! 163439146 Why aren't they in jail? St. Rocco's Founder, Jeanne Kenny and her bud Penny Martin 163439147 JoJo I am staying a safe distance away from that dog kennel! 163439148 Want to buy some raffle tickets? Karin is a volunteer with St. Rocco's who was selling raffle tickets and snacks at the August 18th fundraiser. 163439149 "I'm just here to watch!" 163439150 Raffle table 163439151 Vineyard view 163439153 Wines served 163439154